residency at Pushkinskaya-10, Saint Petersburg

I recently partiimage (6)cipated in the Saint Petersburg Art Residency (SPAR) at cultural centre Pushkinskaya-10. Favourite encounters include sharing celebratory drinks with some rad feminists in a park after their theatre production’s opening night (until three police vans drove into said park and surrounded our group, that is) and previewing a street art museum housed in/around/on the buildings of a plastics factory in the industrial burbs. Also, this fact: there are 24-hour florists, and 24-hour bookshops.

Special thanks to Anastasia, Liza, Tatiana and Glulklya.

Saint Petersburg is a dramatic, beautiful city. The pic is of one of the underground train stations. For more of Percy’s photography, see @pcmpic on Instagram.


By plumeofwords

Melbourne-based young writer and translator whose fiction and essays have appeared in Australian literary journals

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