Interview on translation and writing


Ahead of Aleksandra Lun’s The Palimpsests‘ release in October, Godine intern Ethan Resek asked me some great questions about my translation practice; the intricacies of translating Aleksandra Lun’s playful, brilliant novel; the ethics and power dynamics of translation; and my own novel, From Here On, Monsters. He also interviewed Aleksandra Lun, who muses on, among other things, how Wagner would fare in the automotive industry.


  1. I just read an article in tge Art Hub in which you gave an interview on literary translation. It is refreshing to discover that someone already does what I wish to do. My Phd thesis would involve translating poetry of Augusten Neto (Angola) from Portuguese to English. It may take a while as I don’t yet speak Portuguese. I’m looking forward to the challenge of translating not only the words but the spirit behind them. The fervour, the passion, in which he expressed his protests.
    Thanks for the encouragement.


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