Interview in Adroit Journal


A huge, huge pleasure to be interviewed by Manisha Anil Rita for Adroit Journal.

Writes Manisha,

“For me The Palimpsests is not only the story of an Eastern-European undergoing Bartlebian therapy in order to strip away his knowledge of all languages except Polish; it is also the story of an Australian-born writer coming into contact with a Polish-born writer on the streets of Barcelona through a book, written the old-fashioned way. … Over email, I interviewed Bryer, and we talked about navigating this increasingly globalised world as a speaker of multiple languages.”

For more, head to the Adroit site.

The PEN Ten

Photo by Mirna Pavlovic

PEN America has published an interview with Aleksandra Lun, translated by yours truly, in which she explains why writers are sometimes Godzillas, sometimes Donald Ducks. It begins:

I was born and raised in a totalitarian state, and my perspective on truth and fiction is one that I share with other writers from Eastern Europe—we regard reality with the same skepticism as a repeat divorcee regards marriage. Everything started out well enough: we fell in love with Truth and married her, but then we had the 20th century we had. Our beloved Truth left, abandoning us to the school of fiction that is every totalitarian system. Will we rekindle our relationship with her? I suspect we’re more likely to dine at a cross-border restaurant with Caricature, Surrealism or The Grotesque.

Read the rest at the PEN site.

Godine interview on translation and writing

Ahead of Aleksandra Lun’s The Palimpsests‘ release in October, Godine intern Ethan Resek asked me some great questions about my translation practice; the intricacies of translating Aleksandra Lun’s playful, brilliant novel; the ethics and power dynamics of translation; and my own novel, From Here On, Monsters. He also interviewed Aleksandra Lun, who muses on, among other things, how Wagner would fare in the automotive industry.

Huff Post interview

Honoured to be interviewed by the wonderful Loren Kleinman over at Huff Post. She asked me about translating Claudia Salazar Jiménez’s Blood of the Dawn for National Translation Month. Always fun to get to reflect on that mysterious thing that happens when it’s just you, sitting before the computer, caught up in the words and sentences and world of the text you’re translating.

Big Issue interview

In-Transition-cover-Ed-512__featureHonoured to be interviewed by the wonderful Emily Laidlaw for the latest Big Issue, which hit the streets a few days ago. It was fun! The issue looks a treat. Available from your local vendor for the next week or so.