Seizure Online Edition 4 Editor’s Note

I used to think of translation as a process, as what happens when you move words from one language to another, recreating meaning, effects, echoes. Creating new elements, too, out of potentials buried in the source text. Now I’m starting to think of translation as a place. Part of what makes it conceivable as a… Continue reading Seizure Online Edition 4 Editor’s Note

‘Journey to…’ companion essays

Edited by Gillian Terzis EXTRACT It’s the year 921 and Ibn Fadlān, a theologian in the court of Abbasid Caliphate al-Muqtadir, is making a 4000-kilometre journey from Baghdād to the encampment of the semi-nomadic Bulghār khan on the Volga River. He is serving as secretary to the caliph’s envoy. Rare for his time and later—fabulator… Continue reading ‘Journey to…’ companion essays

In this fruitful darkness

Edited by Catriona Menzies-Pike EXTRACT […] ‘In this betwixt-and-between period, in this fruitful darkness’, wrote Victor Turner of liminality, the ambiguity or disorientation of the middle stage of rituals. Don’t look down; there’s an abyss yawning just before your toes. Don’t force it, let the words come. Shift, make it fluid, back and forth. The… Continue reading In this fruitful darkness