Slice mag multilingual translation

The folks behind Slice Literary have published the fourth instalment of their International Corpse series  – a kind of mutilingual fiction relay – in their latest flight-themed issue. Writers Claudia Salazar Jiménez, Pema Bhum, Krys Lee and Kanako Nishi wrote and translators Kang Daehoon, Tenzine Dickie, Allison Markin Powell and I got to translate the story… Continue reading Slice mag multilingual translation

Extract from Aleksandra Lun’s The Palimpsests in Asymptote

Cover art by Naï Zakharia

…is featured in the latest issue of Asymptote. It starts like this: Illustration by Naï Zakharia   My name is Czesław Przęśnicki, I’m a miserable Eastern-European immigrant and a failed writer, I haven’t engaged in sexual relations for some time and I’ve been committed to an asylum in Belgium, a country that has had no government… Continue reading Extract from Aleksandra Lun’s The Palimpsests in Asymptote

Translator’s note to Blood of the Dawn

Edited by Will Evans EXTRACT In an article in El País, Spanish writer Antonio Muñoz Molina noted contemporary Peruvian novelists’ aptitude for creating narratives infused with historical and political reality: novels that set out to capture the real. Blood of the Dawn’s allusions to events of the recent past—some oblique, others named, but all with real-world… Continue reading Translator’s note to Blood of the Dawn

Letter to Salvador translation

By Claudia Salazar Jiménez, translated by Elizabeth Bryer Edited by Jennifer Mills EXTRACT […] This was what happened, Salvador. You summoned me and I came back to life. I should clarify that you are not the first to do so since I coughed up that haemoptysis discharge for the last time. I still recall the pain.… Continue reading Letter to Salvador translation